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Lazio Design is known for the elegant and unique designs with features that appeal to customers.We always offer new designed products with wide selections of fabrics and finishes.Because,we believe that customization opens more options to the public.

In the extent of our ability we have manufactured and designed our own products that are easier for your customers to purchase,having the opportunity to choose and select your own fabric and finish samples for the item chosen.We offer different styles on our bar stools,table bases and dining chairs with over 100 different finishes putting together the best genuine leather brought from Italy.Lazio Design known as Glass Table Top supplier in Texas.We do carry 50 different size and thickness glass in stock.

Our skilled staff of manufactures is especially dedicated on upholstery,painting and finishing our products.Our design department is constantly working to distribute different designs and we renew our design collection every month.
All of our new designs are displayed in our showroom.